Routine Steeped In Spirituality

One of the unique feature of DSVV is it’s Hostels. For the all-round development of students, there are 5 hostels which are equipped with all modern facilities. Two hostels for boys – Arvind and Panini, while two for girls – Sanghmitra and Nivedita and one is meant for Overseas Candidates. There is a natural environment that encompasses the hostels.

Under the love and affection of Hon. Chancellor, the personality of students are such moulded that they turn fruitful for the society. The routine in such hostels are finalized keeping in view their all round development. Under the spiritual atmosphere, the routine starts here with the prayers at 04:30 am. At 05:30 am the students are required to be present and take part in Yajna activities in the Yajnashala. After this the schedule of classes starts. After finishing the classes,  when the students return to hostels they find the 24 hour availability of electricity supply, which avoid all kinds of hindrances in their studies. To release the tensions developed due to studies, there is a session of Naadyoga (meditation session based on music played on flute) at every evening from 06:00 pm to 06:18 pm. Thereafter after having meals,  the students go for rest at 08:00 pm, thus, ending their busy schedule.Apart from the routine as mentioned above, there are some more important things which make the hostels unique and that is the environment around here. On one hand there is a strong bond of brotherhood and affection among the inmates, on the other, it is specially observed that the environment is completely free of any kind of addiction. In today’s modern trend, where in other hostels we find the students engrossed in disco parties, students here get involved in celebrating their birthdays by means of Deep-yajna. Even if we talk of physical development of students, we have all kinds of indoor games, gymnasium and the special classes which train them in yoga. Students also have hostel libraries. Keeping in view their health, along with the Campus clinics, they have the availability of hot water during winters.

Security measures are tight. Their are secure cameras to keep a vigilance on the inmates all round the clock. No anti-social element can transcend the premises, for this no guest is allowed in, without proper scrutiny.