‘World Earth Day was celebrated by the Department of Environmental Sciences of the University today. Under these various competitions like poster making, quizzes and speech competitions were organized in the department. All the students of the department enthusiastically participated in these competitions.

Dr Umakant Indolia, Deputy Registrar of the University and Dr Arunesh Parashar, Head of the Department of Tourism Management attended the program as chief guests.

On this occasion, Dr Arunesh Parashar ji said that jungle, water, and land are our ancient culture and without all these, we cannot even imagine life. We must give our cooperation in environmental protection and we should start by bringing awareness and positive change within ourselves.

After this, Dr. Umakant Indolia ji inspired the students to plant trees. He said that to stop the exploitation of Mother Earth, we should plant more and more trees, which we should start with ourselves. For this we should also inspire more and more people. He further said that the aim of the students of Environment Department should be that they should make continuous efforts to develop a clean and healthy environment again on the earth with their knowledge and understanding.

Meanwhile, all the students also took an oath to protect the environment.

At the end of the program prizes were distributed to all the winning students.