Gyan Deeksha – Invocation Ceremony

One of the important innovations of the University is the Gyan Deeksha, which is the invocation ceremony that takes place at the first study day of all the students in the University. The University strongly believes that if there could be an end to Deeksha (Deekshant) then there should be a beginning of the Deeksha too and this ceremony is designed with that objective in mind.

The very beginning of the student and teaching life at the commencement of each semester happens with a traditional invocation ceremony, where the newly joined and existing students, along with the faculty members, are introduced to the value system of the University, as well as the expectations from them while studying or teaching at the campus.
They are welcomed by being felicitated with a Gayatri Mantra Dupatta and a Tulsi sapling, respectively representing that they must aspire for refined intellect and purity in life.
Notably, in the past few years, this practice has been replicated by various institutions and campuses as they invite the University team to conduct the same ceremony at the beginning of new academic year.