Research & Development

Research and Publication Cell of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya was inaugurated by the Hon. Chancellor, Dr. Pranav Pandya in the month of June 2010. The aim of this cell is to fulfill the need of Research, Publications of the researches done and as reference wing for Research Scholars and PG students of the university.


The university encourages interdisciplinary research in the field of Psychology, yogic sciences, Indian culture, Spiritual tourism & Mass communication. Research scholars are also registered in the faculty of Oriental Studies which related to various aspects of Vedic Sciences and its solutions to the present day problems. In all students have already obtained their Ph.D degree and 119 student are working as Research Scholars. The university grants fellowship to research students from its own resources.


About 90% research students have been provided with free lodging, boarding, medical facilities & allowances.

In all 71 students are working as Research Scholars.