2nd International Festival On Yog, Culture & Spirituality

DAY 1: Inaugaral session of International Festival of Yog, Culture & Spirituality

The 2nd International Festival of Yog, Culture & spirituality started in DSVV on the sacred occasion of Gandhi Jayanti with the lightening of the lamp by Chief guest Emy Blesio Gayatri Devi and the Chancellor Dr. Pranav Pandya. It proceeded with the welcome address by VC of DSVV, Dr. Sukhdev Sharma.

Key note address given by Emy Blesio Gayatri Devi from Milan, the President of Yoga Confederation, President of the World community of Indian Culture & Tradition Discipline having more than 40 years experience in Yoga and spirituality. Deeply influenced by the thoughts of Acharya Sri she adopted Gayatri Mantra and Indian name Gayatri. Her mission is to spread the sacred message of Patanjali rishi in West, where there is a lot of confusion. There it has become a fashion and its very superficial modes like laughing Yoga are emerging. The real message and the truth about Yoga is missing there. West has forgetten the Spiritual part of Yoga. Fusion has become confusion. Yoga is self control and laugher should be spontaneous for it to be useful. There is a need to appeal to spirituality.

There can be no better place than India, particularly conference like this to understand the big philosophy of Yoga & Spirituality. It has physical, pschychological and spiritual dimension. Science of physical fitness i.e. asana is very very important. Way of thinking is very important. But without spiritual dimension Yoga is not complete. All these combined together make a complete Yogi.

Madan Kaushikji, Minister for tourism & urban Development –

In the last 10 years UK Govt has been working out, how with the help of Yoga it can promote Tourism. But Govt alone cannot do it. There is need of NGO support and help. Thanked Dr. Pranav Pandya to come forward in this venture. Along with Parmarth Ashram Rishikesh from last 2 years DSVV is playing phenomenal role in this direction. Along with Adventure tourism now UK is progressing at fast pace in the direction of cultural and spiritual tourism. He expressed his firm belief that this International festival will play significant role in putting UK on the Global Tourism map.

The senior Volunteer of Shanikunj, Veereshwar Upadhyay – Elaborated the Deeper aspects of Yoga and stressed the need to blend Culture with spirituality. There can be barriers through mere language communication, but with emotions all barriers cal be dissolved. Asana done properly can be a means of physical fitness and spiritual elevation In the same way, Pranayama can enrich prana to elevated human being to the highest level.

Today achievement is a big word, but its proper use is lacking. As such life is degenerating into a miserable one. Power is being used for terror and talents into corrupt practices and scandles. There is need of proper use and beyond it mutual cooperation, which can remove all barriers and lead to Union of hearts i.e. yoga. It leads beyond self to Universal being.

Yugrishi Acharya sri’s whole life was full of Yoga, Spirituality and culture. He was a true Yogi, Spritual to the core and embodiment of Divine culture. His Yoga leads a human being beyond his little self, making him spiritual and cultured in the real sense.

Dr. Pranav Pandya, Chancellor, DSVV – Presidential address

Today Yoga has become synonym to making body supple and enhancing certain worldly aspects. It is something very unique. It makes one perfect. Geeta has unique definition of Yoga – yoga karmasu kaushalam, Excellence in Action. Lord Krishna instructs the essence of Yoga to the wandering mind of Arjuna – Practice and renunciation. It is vivek and vairagya which can remove all vices. Quoting Swami Vivekananda, he said Self realization is Yoga. As per acharya Sri, whole life is Yoga. Spirituality is an enlightened, cheerful life. It goes to the depth of person and teaches him how to harness his potentials. There is need to give spiritual touch to tourism and promote spiritual tourism in a big way. Culture, teaches a refined way of living and moulds a simple human into a great man, mega man and make him divine.

Yog, Culture & spirituality are 3 facets of the same thing. Combined together they make a complete full package, which can unfold the untapped potential of human being.

A souvenir was also released on this occasion. About 118 delegates from 22 countries and 1000 participants were present. Other dignitaries present on the stage were Pro VC Dr. Chinmay Pandya, Registrar Sandeep Kumar, Jt Director Tourism A.K. Singh, Shailender Singh etc were present on the occasion.

DAY 2: Speeches by Various Speekers

2nd day of International Yog, Culture and Spiritual festival was inaugurated by Swami Schidananda, Swami Suryananda, Prof. Marcus Schimieke and Chancellor Dr. Pranav Pandya with the lightening of the lamp.

The 1st speaker was Prof. Marcus Schmieke – the inventor of time waver machine, from Germany.

Speaking on the topic, Science of Consciousness & its relation to Quantum Healing, he said Consciousness has been for the last few decades an important topic of scientific research. But in its earlier stage science rejected the very concept of consciousness, declaring that there is no soul, no consciousness. In its vanity it even declared that Religion has no study of it and Spirituality has to admit that it is running after hallucination. Prof Marcus said that he took this proud statement of science as challenge and wrote his 1st Book on – Science & Consciousness stressing the existence of consciousness and its spiritual base.

According to Prof. Marcus mystery of consciousness, life & creation cannot be solved by science. It has no model to solve it. It is the Challenge that the spiritual scientists have to answer. Because to scientists matter is a part of objective reality, which is confined to time and space. Spirituality takes us beyond it. It transcends our limited personal identity and make life meaningful. Spirituality clarify our Swadharma, being part of something greater beyond oneself and living a life of service.  It’s very much evident here in DSVV and Shantikunj, where selfless service is integral part of day to day life.

Talking about Time waver machine, he said it works on the basis of quantum energy which acts as an interface between consciousness and matter. By evaluating quantum energy field of a person it can suggest appropriate treatment. In German it is being used by 500 doctors as a therapeutic tool. Further research is in progress and in collaboration with DSVV its working out further research and study in this direction. Prof. Marcus is being guided by Chancellor Dr. Pranav Pandya on his research Project on Bastu.

2nd speaker was Swami Suryananda, Founder of World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda, European Yoga Federation and World Movement for fine arts.

According to Swamiji,  It is very important to know  the very basis of life, which are – Purusha and Prakriti and their integration in life. If we not integrate them in life we are dead man working. Indian culture made me realize this practical reality and my life has totally changed. 75 % of diseases in West are not of physical origin.  They are of psychological origin originating due to the negligence of Spiritual part. Here Meditation is useful instrument and way to knowledge. He thanked India for giving this legacy of spiritual wisdom to the world.

3rd Speaker was – Swami Sachidananda, a Vaishnava monk from Germany. Author of many books on vedic spirituality and Gayatri mantra, he is  propagator of Kirtan, Mantra and Meditation as means of Spiritual realization.

Stressing on the Spiritual wisdom he said, inner darkness of heart due to Avidya is more dangerous than the outer darkness. Even by doing Yoga, if this inner darkness is not removed, we are victim to the world. It is due to avidya and asmita.

To remove this darkness, Swamiji stressed on Meditation on the heart centre, Quoting Chandogya Upanishads. There is a space as wide as sky – Hridyakash, Mystical chamber of Heart, Sacred space, interior castle. This inner temple has to be found, then we will not be disturbed by Ignorance, Ego and Repulsion.

Yoga is the divine connection to this sacred space. Swamiji described the importance of mantra – the divine syllable and its chanting, which if done properly can open the gateway to inner space. At the end of the discourse he chanted the Radha Krishna mantra with kirtan and elevated the audience to ecstatic heights.

In his Presidential speech, Chancellor  Dr. Pranav Pandya illuminated the audience with the essence of spirituality. According to him, it is the core of religion and art of living as defined by Acharya Sri. It is managing our inner resources. In the absence of Spirituality Yoga and Culture are eroded of their core values.  Spirituality is inculcating the divine qualities of God. Its Practical outcome is that it enhances our potential and 2ndly it brings happiness in our life. One can feel the protection of God and all the fears are demolished from the Chitta. More than science, spirituality is an art which fills life with beauty and Bliss. It is an art of refining consciousness, which gradually unfolds our swadharma.  Its is a complete therapy which can relieve us from the Afflictions of this life as well of previous lives.

In the end the guests were facilitated with memento and literature of Acharya Shri. Vice Chancellor Dr. Sukhadeva Sharma, Pro VC Dr. Chinmay Pandya, Registrar Sandeep Kumar were present on the stage along with the august audience in the Mrityunjay Hall of DSVV.

Saurabh Mishra and Meetesh anchored the session.

DAY 3: Science and Spirituality lead to Excellence in Life

No fusion always leads to confusion. Confusion is due to the unplanned approach to life and fusion of science and spirituality in life gives a shape and path for a happy living. The Spiritual session of the 3rd day of international yoga festival was dedicated to this fusion and saluting the founder of All World Gayatri Pariwar Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya the session began with a glory.

The session began with the vital words of Bhai Hari Singh Kalsa who is a representative of the Sikh community living at Italy. Known as Bal yogi he has completely devoted his life to the teachings of yoga meditation and tantra. Focusing on the disasters of the wars he gave the three levels of Consciousness and the essence of these levels is to reach the level of satisfaction through yog. He emphasized that the reason of today’s miseries is the absence of a real approach towards the life. And one could achieve excellence when there is a blend of positive energy and our pious goal.

Author of the book ‘Triumph of truth’ and a dedicated  citizen to safeguard the Indian prestige worked as a chief of Intelligence, Director of trade, a Diplomat, Director General of CRPF has worked on a  the assassination case of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Speaking on this occasion talked of the Mansarovar  yatra  and believed that nature in its purest form  represents spirituality.

The world is in turmoil there are all the comforts but still there is no peace in the families and which leads to discomfort. He commented that the world has created weapon to defend peace but we have not realized that we are ready to kill ourselves in the name of peace and no religion in the world propagates destruction. Religion is not bad but the fundamentals are bad. People who hate others hate God. Quoting Vinoba Bhave he said spirituality with Science is progressive to all but science without spirituality is a destruction of all. Science has force, speed and action but no direction .thus it is the responsibility of each organization working for peace to maintain dedication, commitment and integration to achieve spirituality.

He congratulated Shantikunj and its founder for their wonderful effort for world peace. He said that each student of this university is the example of the blend of yog culture and spirituality.

‘When people ask me that I am an American and how could I teach yog’. The answer of swamini kali ji was simple. She said that India is a country which talks of incarnation and  she believe in that incarnations. Swamini being the founder of 1000 ‘Hasta mudra’s was bestowed the title of Great Indian ambassador in 2010. Founder of Tri Yoga believed that there is the trinity of Godess Gayatri at Shantikunj. She believed that the way a drop of water is enough in an ocean the same way a clear concept of body and mind would lead them to the path of Spirituality. Pranayama and mudras are very effective if they are practiced with a calm flow of mental energy. She said that every person at this university is an advertisement of yog.

Last but not the least the ‘Youth icon’ and a true shishya who has devoted his life to propogate the teachings of his guru presided the session , Dr Pranav Pandaya  The editor of ‘Akhand Jyoti’ and a chancellor of this university  concluded that the world is more focused on the materialistic aspects of life. A mobile phone symbolizes progress but it is like an image of water in a dessert. Spirituality is not a ritual but it has been practiced daily with small efforts. Today every disorder is related to lifestyle. We are going against nature thus nature is punishing us in the form of various diseases. We have to get rid of all the hatred, jealousies and other vices in order to attain a balanced way of living.

The eminent speakers were felicitated on this occasion and the session ended with the prayer of peace. In this session Dr Sukhdev Sharma, Vice chancellor Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidalaya , Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Chinmay Pandaya  were present and were thanked by the speakers for giving them the opportunity to participate at this festival.

DAY 4: DEV SANSKRITI is a SANSKRITI of Giving Happiness

Spiritualistic materialism is the need of the hour speaking at the opening session Honorable Chancellor and vibrant disciple of Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya, Dr. Pranav Pandaya inaugurated the session along with the dignitaries H.H. Jagat Guru Amrita Suryananda and Sadhvi Bhagwati. The session began with singing of pragya geet  ‘bharat hamara mahan.’

Swami Suryanand  Maharaj is a founder and president of  Yog Portugese  confederation Portugal, has  trained hundreds of yoga teachers. He is the Author of Sámkhya, Cosmogenesis and Yoga and Chakra – Sútra – the 7 main chakra of Yoga, and founder of PASHUPATI – Avanced Traditional Yoga Demonstrators and of OMKÁRA – Choir and Orchestra of the Institution he presides.

Speaking at the session he said that the real internal master is lord Shiva who enlightens us to remove the miseries of the people and do well for the betterment of the society. Their confederation has made various efforts to propogate yog, which includes World yoga meetings and yog for Catholics. They have rendered their services to the children who are suffering from AIDS.

Speaking on the beautiful confluence of yog culture and spirituality Sadhvi Bhagwati, disciple of Swami Chidananand Muni said it is a beautiful sangam of Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati the pious rivers of  India. Yog is not merely a demonstration of asanas on a mat but it is a union of the self and a divine. It is a state which helps us to realize that who you are and how you live. She gave a very simple example of an advertisement she said that we have developed a habit of changing brands but we never think that why we are doing it. The role of a soap is to clean the body and clothes, but we just change the brand b,coz the ad shows that the soap helps us to sing too. So we have to pause and think that whatever actions and deeds we are doing are they taking us towards God. Joy is within ourselves when we have diamonds in our hand we don’t collect seashells.  She thanked Pandya ji for setting up the environment where the people have diamonds in their hands.

Last but not the least Dr Pranav Pandya, Director of All World Gayatri Pariwar, mesmerized the audience with his beautiful words. He said we should dedicate the goodness of our life to our Guru and should think that whatever chaos and mistakes are there it is because of us. Culture is a bridge between Yog and Spirituality. If there is no culture there is no Yog. It is due to culture that people consider us as our role model. We should have empathy, love and affection for everyone. Yog in life gives us a balanced approach to emotions and intelligence.

The digniteries were faelicitated with a set of books written by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya. The Vice Chancellor Dr Sukhdev Sharma and Registrar Shri Sandeep Kumar were present at the session and thanked the participants from India and abroad for attending the session.

DAY 5: The Valedictory session

The valedictory session of the 2nd International Festival of Yog, Culture and Spirituality started with the lighting of candles and chanting of Gayatri mantra by Prof. Marco Ferrini (founder of centro stuti Vedanta, Itlay), Adorable Dr. Pranav Pandya and Honourable Gaurishankar ji.

The first lecture was delivered by Prof. Macro Ferrini. He said, “the yoga is a great word which is having so many varieties and dimensions. It is very rich mine of spiritual wisdom and it has many values. He focused not only on the physical dimension but the spiritual aspect of yoga. He quoted all the examples of different Indian yogic saints like, Patanjali, Maharshi Gherand etc.

“Chinmay Pandya is the future of this university.”  These were the words of Swami Amrit Suryanandji. He basically talked on the youth power of this nation. In his words, “the Gayatri pariwar is handed on the shoulders of youth.” Yoga, culture and spirituality are just like the lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Proceeding the session, Miss. Aishwarya said about the complete devotion of everyone. She expressed her feelings on the holistic approach of the people living here, be it students, teachers, workers or anyone else. She appreciated this university situated in the beautiful lap of nature.

In the lecture of Honourable Gaurishankar ji, he said, “the real lesson is one which is not given by words but by conduct.” In today’s materialistic world, everyone is moving towards rigidity, but none of the one is trying to attain the real spirit which is spirituality. Yoga is all about connecting with divine. God is the ultimate spirituality.

“Stranger we made, friends we depute. We all are connected with one heart.” These were the words of Shri Sandeep Kumar. Spiritual force is going to be the future of 21st century. He said, the Mother India with its spiritual nature is going to lead the world. This is the yoga, spirituality and culture which make this universe beautiful.

Dr. Chinmaya Pandya said that this event was successful due to love, affection and dedication of students, teachers and the whole organizing committee who made this festival auspicious. He appreciated the performance for cultural evenings which were presented by the different participants not only from this university but also from different countries. Yoga is the transformation of man to the higher supreme divine. The theme of this festival was unique in itself.

At the last of this session, the book, “Glimpse of Gurudev published in Russian language and Mahakavya Gaytre written Davender Kumar Dev were inaugurated by the Chancellor Sir.