? Why is it that some people are happy while some others are not? – This question has been eluding even the psychologists of the modern day. According to a recent survey, it has been found that people of Finland are the happiest people in the world. Countries like Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway are among the Top-5, while India’s position is 133rd in the list of 155 countries. In this survey, every year about 1000 people from each country are asked a few questions and based on their responses, the results are declared on World Happiness Day (20th March).

? Being happy is a state of mind. It is not necessary to be rich to be happy. Practically every survey ever done has shown that those who are happy stay in families. Such people get along very well with their friends and family. According to Daniel Gilbert, the Happiness Expert at Harvard University, we are happy when we are with our family. If we have friends, then it is even better. In some way or the other, everything that contributes to our happiness comes through either family or friends. The biggest factor for one’s happiness and fulfilment in life is, basically, love. A scientific study has shown that having someone to rely on helps a person’s nervous system relax, helps his brain stay healthier for a longer time, and reduces both emotional as well as physical pain.

? A long-time researcher on this topic, George Vaillant says – ‘What influences life the most is the quality of our relationships with others’. It is these precious relationships that bind us together and hence influence our happiness to a large extent.
It is also evident that material prosperity has made man hollow from within. In fact, man spends his entire life earning money and realizes at the end that the desire for money is never-ending and the joys of life cannot be bought with money. So, to whatever extent possible, we should spend our time in lovingly strengthening our social life and thus making it prosperous.

To be continued…