An important stage of 15 days’ Britain and Europe travel of the Honorable Pro- Vice Chancellor, Dr. Chinmay Pandya ji, reached when he was invited by the Faith In Leadership Institute for a discussion on the subject “Mutual Goodwill of different Religions“. In this discussion, Honorable Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Chief Professor of the Jews, the Home Minister of U.K., and all the office bearers of the U.K.’s Prime Minister’s Office were present. Apart from this, senior faculty of more than 150 different religions, deans of the cathedral, heads of Imam, Rabi, the chiefs of the non-governmental organizations were also present.
The event was organized in the Royal Methodist Hall (which is a very famous hall near Westminster and where United States was formed in 1940). In this program, only 5 representatives, from the various heads who were invited, received the opportunity to express their views. Amongst those five, besides including Prince Charles, Archbishop of Canterbury, the representatives of U.K.’s Home Minister and U.K.’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Chinmay Pandya ji received the opportunity, wherein he expressed the views of the Revered Master and the Revered Mother.
Impressed by his views, Honourable Pro-Vice Chancellor was also invited to express his views in the House of Lords the other day, where too he conveyed the ideas of mission and work of the Gurusatta’s life. He also informed all about the innovative systems followed by the Gayatri family and the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. It is noteworthy that only those who are honoured with the title of Lord are only invited in the House of Lords.