Controller Of Examination

The Controller of Examination looks after the Examination Cell of the University.

The University has an Examination Cell that facilitates conduction of 4 internal evaluation tests at fixed dates during the semester for all the departments. These dates are decided by the Controller of Examinations after consulting with all the Head of the Departments. This way the syllabus is roughly divided into equal parts, wherein a particular part is to be finished before a specific test. This makes the syllabus progress monitoring streamlined and there is not much pressure at the end of the semester. If some faculty member or department is not able to conduct the internal evaluation test on the pre-fixed date, they have to take written permission for the same from the controller of examinations; this develops accountability in the evaluation process.

The Examination Cell of the University ensures complete confidentiality in the entire evaluation process. Following are some rigorous features adopted by the Examination Cell in this regard:

  1. The process of setting paper, typing and printing is completed while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  2. The question papers are given to the invigilators only a few minutes before the commencement of the examination and they are told to take these directly to their respective examination rooms. This ensures total confidentiality and timed opening of the question papers.
  3. After the completion of the examination, the answer sheets are promptly collected by the invigilators and immediately submitted to the Examination Cell.
  4. The answer sheets are sent for evaluation in a confidential manner, wherein the name of the evaluator is not disclosed to anyone.