Let us begin with the Gayatri mantra:
“Om bhur bhuva¡ swah tatsaviturvarenyan bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah pracodayat”

You all must have heard of the grace of God. His manifestations are called “devata” (deity) in the Vedas; devata means “one who gives”.  Many of us pray and worship the deities because we either want something or we need help in adverse moments. Let us discuss about deities.

There is no doubt that deities do bless us enormously; otherwise they would not have been named as “deities” because by definition deities always give something. There is nothing wrong or unnatural if one requests something from someone who always wants to give. But what do deities give? They give only what they themselves possess. Naturally, one can give only what one has. Deities have only one thing – divinity (devatva). Divinity is the most refined and virtuous form of one’s nature, conduct, qualities and deeds. Deities bestow divinity upon the devotees and become relieved, saying that, “we have given you the best we could; now it is up to you to accept and make use of it in the way you find it suitable and succeed accordingly.”

There is one thing in the world that indeed yields commendable success and that is excellence of personality. It is the minimum requirement to achieve anything worthwhile and fulfilling. If one has somehow gained something despite having an inferior personality and without demonstrating his talents, hard work and essential qualities, then his success will be short lived and incomplete. If your digestive system is weak then an overdose of eatables is sure to create problems and upset your health. Similarly, if you don’t have wisdom and the ability to make proper use of the resources, facilities and prosperities available to you, then these would trouble you in one way or the other. If there is a lack of virtues and saneness then your inherited or inappropriately earned wealth will act as a catalyst for your evils and weaknesses; these would nurture improper addictions, enhance your ego and sooner or later ruin your life.

…..to be continue