What else do the deities give?

? What (else) do the deities give? Well they give you the capacity to digest and handle success. To wisely handle worldly possessions, powers and comforts, which appear to you as treasures of joy, you should have appropriate qualities. This ability – the key to the real joy – is what could be described as an offshoot of divinity. If divinity is awakened in you, then you could accomplish big goals from small or insignificant tasks; if you have greater opportunities and resources then well and good, but you would be happy and successful even without them. However if you desire something you do not deserve, or you are eager to acquire success without caring to improve yourself, then, well, what can I say!

? Vigour and might of human body is good but if it is not controlled by wisdom, it could only aggravate terror or misuses, resulting in effects similar to that of adding fuel to the fire. Deities never commit the mistake of showering wealth or worldly resources. If they do, then they are risking total destruction and a disastrous end of humanity. Dear children! Humanity is the power which elevates and excels our thinking, attitude, ambitions and activities. It is a great attribute.

? Attempting to fulfil your aspirations is not bad but is subject to one scrutiny – what is being desired and what for? If they are for a worldly (materialistic) purpose then it is necessary to know whether you deserve them, how would you digest this possession, and how will you use it. Man makes mistakes but not the Gods. Deities can’t bless you with things you often imagine or expect. Great people who made contacts with deities did not benefit materialistically. What did they receive? The virtues of humanity, the seeds of divinity. The virtuous talents and powers thus acquired enabled man to progress.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya