All you really need will be provided

? transparency of character is a great asset of a person through which he gets abundant support, affection and co-operation from all quarters. This is real prosperity. Can any monetary or material resources ever provide it? People donated unasked all their wealth and resources at the  feet of Buddha, moved by his compassion and absolute selflessness. Gandhiji’s benevolence, his missionary zeal, his aspirations were all aimed at the welfare of the lowliest and the lost.

? This, together with the impeccability of his character, made him a universally acclaimed mahatma.  People from all strata of the society stood by him, cooperated with him and followed him. Millions of people voluntarily went to jails and sacrificed their lives for the noble cause of national freedom upon his call. Is such ethical and spiritual eminence attainable by us all? Yes, indeed, subject to only one condition – you too like mahatma, should be ready to be led by truth dwelling light of the spirit. Light, your shadow will follow you.

? But you seem to be chasing your own shadow, the shadow of m³y³ – illusive worldly attractions and attachments – that seem to have overwhelmed you. You should learn to walk towards the light, towards God, noble aims and ideals. Such ideals are the attributes of deities like Hanuman and other emanations of God.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya