Highlight The Performance Of The Institution

7.3.1 - Highlight the performance of the institution in an area distinct to its priority and thrust (within a maximum of 200 words)

The prominent efforts in institutional priority and thrust areas are as follows:

  1.  Scientific spirituality: one of the unique program across the India, covering the scientific temperament with Spirituality.
  2.  Yogic Science: The best university of the India especially in the Yoga, with maximum courses in this innovative segment.
  3. Concept of Yagya: Righteous action and thought process are the key aspect of the parent organization and it is imbibed into the university work-style.
  4.  Indigenous Journalism and Psychology: connecting the roots of Psychology and Journalism to the Indigenous segment of our treatise and culture.
  5.  Value based technocrats: we produce qualitative human beings who knows well as how to own the quality of life.
  6.  New segments of tourism: The rural, spiritual, neo, cosmic tourism are some of the key aspects where the tourism department is performing outstanding.

As a State Private University, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya has reached unimaginable milestones in its short journey of over 20 years. The growth had been comprehensive with collaborative efforts. The University ensures to maintain its vision and at the same time indigenously innovate with global thinking. This approach has allowed it to venture in erudite interdisciplinary researches within and outside India, for which, various global collaborative efforts are underway.
The University has stupendously performed in the areas of academic excellence including quality of teaching and research, performance of students which includes their academic progress, graduation rate, employment outcome and their overall satisfaction with the institution, infrastructure and facilities that entails the quality and adequacy of the physical facilities as well as the availability of modern equipment and technology, financial stability including the ability to generate revenue, manage expenses, and invest in future growth, credibility, which includes the University’s reputation, and recognition in academic and non-academic circles, as well as its public perception, community engagement which refers to the University’s engagement with local community and its contribution to the social and economic development of the region and diversity and inclusion, that includes the level of diversity and inclusivity in University’s management structure as well as its policies and practices to promote diversity and inclusivity.
However, besides the aforementioned areas of priority and thirst which intend to work with a primary focus of providing a confluence of modern education with instillation of human values in the students; the University has successfully ventured in other areas of social importance and have also achieved significant milestones. For example,
The University has established a Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Research (CAIR) to conduct cutting-edge research in AI and related fields to advance the understanding, development and deployment of AI systems. The centre also provides education and training programmes, foster innovation and entrepreneurship and engages in outreach and collaborative efforts. Within 2 years of its creation, the CAIR was successful in accomplishing with multiple publications, patents and collaborations.
The University also instituted a Career Guidance Centre in joint collaboration with ProTeen Academy, Mumbai. This centre is established to undertake the objective of helping individuals identify their interests, strengths, values, and skills to determine suitable career paths and to offer them information about various career options, including job duties, qualifications, and growth prospects as well as to offer guidance on education and training requirements for different careers, including post-secondary education options. Within a year of its establishment, the centre has successfully provided counselling and guidance to 1200+ students.
Lastly, the University also founded the Dev Sanskriti Cricket Club in collaboration with Sports Bug Limited that was established by World Cup winning Indian Cricket Team Captain, Mr Unmukt Chand. Within 2 years of its establishment, this club has proficiently organised number of tournaments, competitions and students have represented Uttarakhand in national and International events.
The university is committed to up bring the qualitative citizen of the nation. The teachers are committed to this noble thought and working 24*7 to produce some noble souls dedicated for the social and cultural well-being.