Yoga Certification Board (YCB)

Why YCB?

With growing popularity of yoga across the world, the demand for institutionally trained yoga teachers /yoga instructors/yoga therapist/ yoga master is on rise. The yoga certification Board (ycb) thus has a great role to play in catering to this rising demand.

Yoga Certification Board is established for certifications of yoga professionals and accreditation Institutions, prescribing syllabus for various levels of yoga trainers and such activities that may be considered necessary for promotion of yoga. Professional assessment of these service providers are carried so as to certify the competencies so that user of the service is assumed of the skill sets possessed by their trainer.


A unique confluence of devoted teachers and resolute students is opening new vistas of progress for the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. The spiritual atmosphere at the university, self-discipline and the patronage of Param Pujya Gurudev enchants all the visitors to the university to study or teach here. The combination of traditional Gurukul style of teaching with most modern curricula leads to holistic development of students. University today hosts students from all states of India along with those from several other countries like Korea, Japan, Iran, Malaysia, China, Russia, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Czech Republic, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka.


To provide quality assessment of the ability of yoga professional.


• Impartial & Independent in Judgement
• To maintain quality and standards of yoga.


• We are committed to be impartial without any prejudice against caste, religion, race, gender etc.
• Fair practice is ensured to be followed.
• To maintain the quality standards throughout the process.