? When one is attracted by the soothing wave of ideals and is immersed in it, then his magnetism, his charm, his voice, his overall personality and his authenticity are so empowered that everyone is impressed by him, attracted towards him and wants to cooperate with him. Vivekanand got abundant honour and support from all parts of the world. Who showered them? The Goddess Kali. If gurus like Ramkrishna are alive somewhere or are reborn, they will always grant blessings that will develop virtuous personality of their disciples.

? If your personality is refined and evolved in the righteous direction, then help and harmonius association will be showered upon you from all directions according to your wishes. You won’t have to ask for them. You will receive them effortlessly. When divinity is expressed in your personality, benevolence and respect begin to fall upon you. So many examples are available before you. Look at revered Baba Amte! He donated everything and engaged his whole life for the service of the socially discarded leprosy patients.

? This is a principle of greatness, an ideal of humanity, a boon of divinity. Blessings (of deities) cannot be expected in sacrifices of any lesser magnitude (than that of people like Baba Amte). And there is nothing greater to be blessed by… Begging has never brought anything useful to anyone and will never be able to bring anything better in future either.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya