What do the deities do?
? Deities keep doing one thing. What do they keep doing? They keep showering flowers. Look at the scriptures. The holy Ramayana for instance describes at fifty odd places that deities showered sacred flowers from heaven. What are these flowers? They symbolize goodwill, cooperation, guidance, respect and support. What attracts these virtues? Divinity, which is still present in the world. It alone had survived (in the past) and will alone survive (in the future); it can never be wiped out. If the demons (evils) do not die then why should God (the highest symbol of divinity) die? Like-minded people are attracted towards each other. A deity is attracted by deity-like humans and ideals are attracted by ideals; this results in the acquisition of benevolence, opportunities and co-operation from all directions. This is what has been happening, is happening and will continue to happen.

? I am admiring deities. Where do they live? They are present in the integrity of the human character and the inner self. They inspire the motivation and zeal that clears all illusions and breaks and destroys the web of complications, infirmities, ignorance and worries. Divine inspiration even compels one to follow the righteous path. This is the true blessing of a deity. Anything lesser or lower than this can’t be a blessing of a divine power. The doors of eminence, success and achievements open as soon as your qualities, deeds and nature are illuminated by the spark of divinity.

? Whosoever has gained immortal, glorious progress or notable success in any field in the world to date has accomplished it through his virtuous personality. A deity’s blessing is the supremacy of qualities, talents and thoughts. The life history of every great personality demonstrates it. Almost all of them were born in ordinary or underprivileged families and circumstances. But they reached greater and greater heights and accomplished brighter and brighter goals! Look at our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastry’s life for example.  He was blessed by God’s grace. How? In the form of two qualities – responsibility and wisdom. These great virtues persist in the linkage between God and the devotee and also strengthen it further. This is the only way to communicate with the Omniscient.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya