? The dirty and dry berries soaked in spittle of a sweeper were eaten by BHAGWAN, why, why he ate those berries? BHAGWAN said, ‘‘I do not eat berry but the soul, the soul and the honesty. The thinking-style, the greatness is the only things I eat. I feel obliged to receive this dose from anyone. I only eat and drink love and love.’’

? Where is love with humans? Soaked in attachments, lust and avarice and where is shame with such humans? Had there been the shame, their souls would have been saturated; they would have been felt coolness, merriment would have taken place in their life. They would have given merriment to others. O helpless! O man engulfed in fire! Where is shame with them? Girls of BRIJ offered one cup of buttermilk to compel KRISHAN to dance over the whole courtyard.

? Friends! Very this is the story of my life; very this is the spirituality of my life. Very this is how I do my UPASANA. Very this is the impressions of SADHANA. Finished, today’s session.


✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya