? BHAGWAN asks, calls for an explanation from everybody and goes on saying only this, ‘‘I have offered you the human life, the most precious item of not only my treasure but of this world also. Give answer how you have expended the same? Give answer, O culprit! Give its answer to me. O accused! Just answer me.’’ BHAGWAN just goes on asking this question. BHAGWAN where on one hand goes on asking, ‘‘what did you give me?’’ we on the other keep demanding from him our dues asking him, ‘‘I have three daughters, where is my son as fourth child? I am earning 250 rupees per month, where is my promotion to 400 rupees per month? I have 80 BIGHA agricultural fields, while it should have been 100 BIGHAs.

? Thus we keep complaining from BHAGWAN that he did not give so and so and in a way we continue to live with a list of have-nots.  Complaints begin to be generated from both the sides. BHAGWAN says, ‘‘you do not give this and that to me.’’ Here we say, ‘‘O BHAGWAN, you did not give me this and that.’’ This state of mind if allowed to be sustained makes in long run our circumstances complex and rigid leading us to live a spoiled life.

? O man! Believe me, BHAGWAN is a particular stream of PARMATMA (a self-regulatory mechanism existing in the universe) and it comes in the form of some help or assistance from some quarter (internal or external). BHAGWAN rushing towards you for your help simply means thoughts of generosity, kindness occupying a seat in your mind and tendencies to help others and offer whatever is possessed to needy ones, occupying a seat in your mind.

? From Akhand Jyoti